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No Offenkk EP (CD)


Available for purchase for the first time in forever, my 'debut' EP NO OFFENKK.

Self-produced and self-released under my friend Josh's PIPCO COLLECTIVE imprint, this was my 'first' venture into solo music making, done entirely in my tiny University bedroom in the summer of 2008. The original batch of these were entirely handmade using a cheap Epson printer and low-quality printable CD labels, most of which will likely be gathering mould in garages all over Manchester and West Yorkshire.

With my first ever UK tour looming in support of my dear friends Amplifier, I promptly spent some money getting a load of copies manufactured by a genuine pressing company, and, well, it was only a few quid more to get another 500, which seemed an entirely brilliant idea at the time.

I will NEVER sell out of this CD. It stands as a long-running in-joke with myself about never fulfilling my potential, and I love it.

Here are some nice things people said about it when it came out:

'Perhaps there's nothing truly original left to be done with music these days, but if people like Charlie Barnes stop pushing the boundaries we'll never find out if that's true or not.' - Alex Lynham (my mate...) WHATISMUSIC

'...this is a record that grabs your attention.' - GodisintheTV (they gave it 4/5 but simultaneously seemed to think it was mostly not that great...?! I think they mostly just liked the opener)

'Now this is bright and bold, he certainly has a powerful voice. Strident songs, big songs, ambitious songs, great big hopeful songs. Four impressive songs, he certainly has a fine voice. Flavoured with just the right amount of restrained glitch and a few healthy slices of Radiohead without really being too obvious about it. Sigur Ros Post rock brightness, very much about the songs though, strong heroic melodic big-voiced songs - touch of Scott Walker, Rufus Wainwright, the epic range of Amplifier or Oceansize. Songs that tingle, stitching things back together, songs taking flight' - Organ Zine (These people put out a Cardiacs single so I was totally buzzing that they liked the EP)

Thanks to whoever scanned the product images in on discogs, from where I stole them.

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